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Currency Week

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

During bad economic times (a depression comes to mind), it’s not uncommon for municipalities to offer their own script - local currency or certificates to that is used just like fiat money. When hyper inflation takes over (we still have about 2 years to go before we see that) and prices go through the roof and regular ole fiat money is worthless, THEN local municipalities roll out the certificates like the one you see above.

This happened in Alberta in 1936. The Social Credit Party began to issue local certificates called Prosperity Certificates. They were issued in $1 notes and were designed to pay relief workers, gov’t officials and such. The idea behind the certificates was to discourage hoarding. Here’s how it worked:

A holder had to affix to the back of a certificate a 1-cent stamp before the end of every week, for the certificate to maintain its validity. But the hassle and expense of the stamps made the certificates unpopular with the public. To make matters worse, the tiny stamps (smaller than 1 cm²) kept falling off. To avoid having to purchase and affix the stamps, holders would try to spend the certificates just before the week’s validity expired. That left them in the hands of merchants, who would have to purchase and affix the stamps themselves to maintain the notes’ validity.

The notes were intended to be redeemed after two years of issue, by when 104 stamps would have been affixed. But the program was cancelled after only about one year.

Oh, are we done? Is the post over already? Man, that was pretty quick, I thought there would be more of a story than that.

Tune back in tomorrow and I’ll tell you the story about the time Marc from Calgary and The Mayor went to DMorris’ stag. What a keraaaaazy night!!

Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

The Mayor predicts the New Orlean Saints will win Super Bowl XLIV.

New Orleans 31    Indianapolis Colts 21

I’d like to see your predictions. Who will win tonight’s Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday–Live Blogging

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

5:08 pm

It’s everyone’s favourite sporting event of the year, and no, it isn’t Virgin Sacrifice Day,  it’s Super Dee Duper Bowl Sunday.

Rocky and I are live blogging tonight’s event and we couldn’t be drunkerer happier. Actually, Rocky will be with us shortly, he lost the bet and had to run out and get The Mayor more whiskey and those delicious cheese doodles. Is Rocky drunk? Should he be driving all over town getting fatty foods and booze for The Mayor? Yes, yes he should.

Most of the predictions are in, but if you haven’t given us a guess as to who will win tonight’s game, you still have a bit of time, so get at ‘er!

I’m still sticking with my prognostication: Pittsburgh 31 Arizona 17. I also predict that a sniper will kill Heinz Ward. I also predict that no one will cry when it happens.

What say you?