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Swine Flu Declared Over – Kind Of, Maybe, Possibly, Not

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Depending on who you speak to in the medical community, H1N1 is officially over. Or not. Proving once again that the most consistent thing in medical community is inconsistency:

It was the flu that would end all flus, and then H1N1 fizzled out failing to bring the death and destruction that so many feared would come when swine flu swept through Canada.

Health officials haven’t recorded any significant activity for months and the last death attributed to swine flu in Canada was back in January, but the World Health Organization has yet to call off its global pandemic.

That could soon change.

Dr. Margaret Chan says in published reports that the United Nations-based WHO could drop the global pandemic alert within the next few weeks.

And sure enough, last month, WHO (not the rock band, the health folk) officially declared swine flu over and done. Mostly. It seems some of the WHO members didn’t receive the memo:

WHO declared the swine flu pandemic over last month. The latest death toll is just over 18,600 — far below the millions that were once predicted. The head of the global health body has credited good preparation and luck, since the H1N1 swine flu virus didn’t mutate as some had feared.

But speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an influenza conference in Hong Kong, researcher Robert Webster warned against complacency.

“We may think we can relax and influenza is no longer a problem. I want to assure you that that is not the case,” said Webster, chairman of the virology and molecular biology department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Webster predicted that the next pandemic could be sparked by a virus that spreads from water fowl to pigs and then onto humans — such as the H5N1 strain of bird flu, which has killed 300 people over the past seven years. He noted that after several years of decline, the number of bird flu cases in humans increased in 2009, lifted by an uptick of cases in Egypt.

The time to panic is now. You heard what “researcher” Webster said – we cannot relax (ever), the next pandemic COULD be sparked by a virus blah blah blah. That’s good enough proof for The Mayor. What I would like to see are boatloads upon boatloads of money funneled to various unaccountable UN research groups to study the implications of what might happen if something possibly, maybe might take place if an imaginary virus or viruses conceivably spreads, perhaps and by chance, from water fowl to pigs and then onto humans. And then, from humans, to werewolves, to vampires, to the set of The Vampire Diaries.


Not only did Webster (not the short black kid from the show of the same name, but the “researcher” with WHO – again, not the rock band but the health people) not receive the memo that swine flu is kaput, but the entire country of Finland didn’t get the memo either:

The Finnish National Institute for Health (THL) proposed suspending vaccinations for H1N1 swine flu, due to suspected links to increased narcolepsy in children and adolescents, the body announced this week.

Six cases of narcolepsy, a chronic disorder causing excessive daytime sleepiness and extreme fatigue, have been reported after patients had been receiving the Pandemrix vaccine.

Six cases of narcolepsy is consistent with annual averages, reports THL, but all of these patients were affected after being vaccinated, and there are nine additional cases that have not yet been confirmed.

It seems the only thing that will you sicker than swine flu is getting the vaccination for swine flu.

Narcolepsy is alright if you don’t mind sleeping 23 hours a day for the rest of your life, but if that happened to The Mayor, I wouldn’t be able to watch Ace of Cakes every week, so I’ll have to pass on the vaccination.

If someone wanted to make a ton of money, they would come up with a vaccination to inoculate people from the actual swine flu vaccination. It seems every time I hear of people dying or getting sick from the swine flu vaccination, the health monkeys always say, “that’s consistent with annual averages”. That’s one hell of an annual average the swine flu shot has, isn’t it?

The Mayor said this last fall/winter and I’ll say it again: do not get inoculated against swine flu or any other designer flu the robot media tells you to get. Just stay away from licking peoples hands and face and you’ll be alright. And you might want to stay away from The Pacific Mall in Markham.

That is all.

The Swine Flu Pandemic – Let The Blame Game Begin

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, is claiming that the swine flu outbreak was a ‘false pandemic’ perpetrated by drug companies that stood to make billions of it:

A resolution proposed by Dr Wodarg calling for an investigation into the role of drug firms has been passed by the Council of Europe, the Strasbourg-based ’senate’ responsible for the European Court of Human Rights.

An emergency debate on the issue will be held later this month.

Dr Wodarg’s claims come as it emerged the British government is desperately trying to offload up to £1billion of swine flu vaccine, ordered at the height of the scare.

‘They have made them squander tight healthcare resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly exposed millions of healthy people to the risk of unknown side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines.’

I’m actually surprised it took this long for the finger pointing and bloodletting to begin.

Dr Wodarg is claiming the swine flu scare was perpetrated by the evil drug companies. Yet, the evil drug companies can’t declare a pandemic, only the WHO can. And they did. So Dr Wodarg then claims that the evil drug companies sent patsies into the various levels of the WHO and different branches of world governments in order to get them to soften their  stances and declare a pandemic, and in turn, the drug companies would make zillions of dollars from the manufactured vaccines and other paraphernalia.

Dr Wodarg then goes on to state, “(the vaccine) needlessly exposed millions of healthy people to the risk of unknown side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines.’

Hmmmm, I seem to remember hearing from our state-controlled media, the WHO,  and various government officials that these vaccines were SUFFICIENTLY tested. I also seem to recall that the only side-effects to the vaccines were mild -  things like a little tenderness around the injected area, or perhaps a tiny headache that would only last a few hours. And now we hear that the vaccines were actually “insufficiently tested” and people were exposed “needlessly…to the risk of UNKNOWN side-effects”.

Don’t those words make you think that the doctor knows more than what he’s letting on?

What I see happening here is that in typical Euro-weenie fashion, the good Doctor is deflecting the swine flu blame early in order to limit the financial liabilities to his organization when the thousands of lawsuits over this inoculation disaster start to fly. In other words, “We didn’t do it, the evil pharm companies did – so sue them!”

The Great Swine Flu Pandemic™ is total and utter bullshit – just like we said from the start. The media played its part as usual, by scaring the living daylights out of everyone with their 24/7 non-stop over-the-top, YOU’RE GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON’T GET INNOCULATED news coverage. The media based their coverage on plain ole hysteria and lack of any solid facts whatsoever. And now the media is silent, waiting for the next important Tiger Woods story to break. Typical.

The government can’t be counted on to tell the truth or to ever do the right thing, and they lived up to that in spades, so I don’t blame them one bit. And the Euro-weenies? well, they’ll never change. They’ll always be a bunch of cringing, gutless, lying arseholes who only care about padding their own bloated pockets.

So I guess we have to blame the pharm companies that had the nerve to fill orders and make a profit.

Say, who is John Galt?

**Thanks to The Truth Alliance for bringing this to The Mayor’s attention

Green Shoots & Leaves

Friday, November 27th, 2009


Dubai default fears push futures sharply lower.

The proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than the properties are worth has swelled to about 23%, threatening prospects for a sustained housing recovery.

Ahead of Black Friday – Has consumer confidence been restored?

Is the other oil shoe dropping?

‘Screaming Hot’ TVs Abound as Walmart, Kohl’s Push for Shoppers. Granted, this link is a few days old and you’ve probably already spent your Black Friday wad, but…

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Merbanco Inc. and Renco Group Inc.have made approaches about General Motors Co’s Saab unit after a sale to Koenigsegg Group collapsed, two people familiar with the situation said.

Britain has run out of money. Labour has completed what it set out to do – bankrupt Britain.

Banks around the world still haven’t recognized half of their losses according to the International Monetary Fund’s managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday. The shot is safe, just close your eyes and let government take care of you.

There could be $1.5 trillion in bad debt remaining on their balance sheets, and losses on these bad loans still threaten the solvency of many institutions. Yet these effers are still alowed to kick the can down the road. Off with their heads, I say!

There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday.

Is The H1N1 The New Y2K?

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


As I was leaving City Hall yesterday on my way to Kelsey’s for some of those delicious little riblets, I turned on the radio and to my surprise there was a whole 4 minute newscast which didn’t include anything about the deadly H1N1 flu. Then I started to think that I actually haven’t heard much about the swine flu this whole last week. Where was the panic that gripped Canada just a few short days ago? Where is our media to protect us, to tell us what to do and think, to point the accusatory finger of blame as to how this crisis got to the point where it’s at?

How will the impact of not having enough swine flu vaccine affect our marginalized,  inner-city youth who are suffering from the lingering effects of colonialism in Africa and from the lack of midnight basketball courts? All legitimate questions.

I completely understand why the American state-run media refuses to run swine flu news and updates any more, but why not the Toronto Red Czar, or even the Globe & Mail?

On the American side, the media hyped up the swine flu to cause a panic in the general population, and as the panic was taking grip, the government would ride in on a white horse, inoculate everyone and save the universe, proving that the government can administer health care in a timely and efficient manner. But that is not what happened.

The Obama administration have completely dropped the ball on this. They have only been able to secure 20 million doses of the swine vaccine, leaving 300 million Americans vulnerable. They over-promised and under-delivered. They said there could be as many as 80 thousand American deaths from this, yet they can’t get enough vaccines to protect its own people? WTF? And even the delivery system is systemically flawed. It’s an administrative nightmare. Where’s Sebelius on this? Get that bitch to stop coughing in her armpit for a minute and answer some freaking questions?

But then again, who would ask those questions? Yet the media is completely silent. Not a peep. Not a bloody word. They are not going to shine a negative light on the boy that brought them to the dance.

This whole sorry episode shines a bright light on what the American health care system will look like after Obama and his scalpers get their destructive hands on it?

Rationed care. Administrative nightmares. Big promises, small deliveries. Your life will be in the hands of faceless bureaucrats. Believe me, this is death panel stuff.

If the government can’t even run some flu clinics and secure enough inoculations for its citizens, how the hell do you expect them to take over a $1.6 trillion dollar portfolio. 1/6 of the American economy in the hands of a bunch of pikers?

That’s The Mayor’s American take on the lack of swine flu coverage, but why is the Canadian media so quiet all of a sudden?

Because their work is already done. They exploited the death of the young hockey player in Toronto who died of swine flu, panicked the populace, made a big deal of the long wait lines for shots, and then topped it off by trying to create class warfare by telling us athletes and the rich were jumping queue by getting the jabs before us.

And then they slinked away like the cardboard eating vermin that they are.

Or maybe the media isn’t paying much attention to this story any more because they realize that in the last 300 days, leprosy has killed as many people as swine flu. Dengue fever has killed 3x times as many people and meningitis has killed 50x more people. In other words, maybe swine flu isn’t such a big deal after all.

Hey, it just occurred to me — maybe Obama and gang can hype up the risk of dengue fever…and then come in and save us from it! My hero…

A Tale Of Two Flus

Monday, October 26th, 2009


The director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases announced a few weeks ago that there was going to be a shortage of swine flu vaccine doses for the general population of the USA:

Earlier this month, the government was forced to announce that only about 28 million doses would be available by the end of this month, about 30 percent below the 40 million it had previously predicted.

But the October shortfall was not the first. Indeed, since the outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu occurred in April, federal projections have been consistently and wildly overoptimistic and have had to be ratcheted down several times. As recently as late July, the government was predicting having 160 million doses by this month.

From the lack of coverage this has received by the various state run media, it makes me believe that this isn’t much of a big deal. Unlike a few years back when the Bush administration didn’t get enough vaccines for the common flu:

Democrats have seized on the vaccine shortage to accuse the administration of being unable to protect Americans — from either illness or terrorism. ”If you can’t get flu vaccines to Americans, how are you going to protect them against bioterrorism?” Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, asked in an interview with National Public Radio. ”If you can’t get flu vaccines to Americans, what kind of health care program are you running?”

That was during the 2004 election. Kerry was trying to score points with residents of Florida (where the old folk are at!). Here’s what Kerry said one of the reasons why there wasn’t enough doses at the time:

”They relied on foreign workers to make the vaccine. A company with a bad track record. Now we’re about 50 million vaccines short.”

I wonder why the Bush administration had to get foreign workers to make the flu vaccine? If only I could think of one reason…one single reason. Oh ya – in 2004, the Democrats refused to pass medical liability reform  which would have gotten rid of junk lawsuits. Since the junk lawsuits were the curse of vaccine makers, nearly every last one decided to close up shop in the US and move overseas. I suppose the vaccine makers were sick and tired of being sued over the most frivolous things.

So the US gov’t had to outsource for the flu vaccine doses to a company in Britain. When a major malfunction occured in manufacturing the vaccine, the US lost 48% of the vaccines for the flu.

What a disaster. The US only had 60 million doses of the vaccine, not the 84 million it should have had. The state run media went ballistic. And as John Kerry said above, “”If you can’t get flu vaccines to Americans, how are you going to protect them against bioterrorism?”

And keep in mind once again that the US had 60 million doses – for the regular ole FLU. Now let’s recap how many doses the US has for the swine flu:

…was forced to announce that only about 28 million doses would be available by the end of this month

As of today though, there are only a little over 11 million doses.

Let’s just put aside the fact that Bush was nailed to a cross in 2004 for having 60 million doses of the flu vaccine, and that Obama is getting a free ride for having all of 11 million doses of the barnyard flu vaccine ready. And let’s not even talk about the *fact* that the barnyard flu is going to kill millions and millions of people (if it wasn’t, why is every official talking about it and the UN counting on anywhere between 7.5 and 150 million deaths).

Let’s just put all of that aside.

I’m sure there is one thing we can agree on: If the government can’t even get this swine flu thing right, how the hell is it going to properly run the entire US health care system?

Riddle me that.

Does The Flu Shot Increase The Risk Of Getting Swine Flu?

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


According to preliminary research conducted by the pointy headed people at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, ya, there’s a good chance it does:

It’s important to validate the information, which has not been peer reviewed, to make sure it’s not just a fluke, and that the observation is confirmed elsewhere such as in the Southern Hemisphere, which just completed its seasonal flu season, or in the U.S. and UK.

Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus.

Researchers know that, theoretically, when people are exposed to bacteria or a virus, it can stimulate the immune system to create antibodies that facilitate the entry of another strain of the virus or disease. Dengue fever is one example, Low said. 

The Mayor got the flu shot five years ago, and ten days after getting jabbed, was sick from the flu for the next six weeks. I coughed for the next year. Felt like I was going to die. But that’s just me, millions of other people have had no adverse reactions.

I’ve researched the pros and cons of getting the jab, and what I’ve found is that there is a ton of contradictory information out there. Some people swear against it, some people swear for it. That makes for a lot of swearing.

What I know is that six months ago the WHO (not the rock group, the health peoples) were telling us that kids under two and the elderly were the ones that were going to bite the dust from this. Actually, at first it was young, healthy people that were dying from swine flu, THEN it changed to babies and the old, with a smattering of sickly people.

Now we’re being told that EVERYONE should be getting inoculated. I have a problem with that.

The problem in my mind is that if it takes years and years for a medicine to come on the market because they have to test, monitor and do more tests before it’s approved, before they know that certain medicine isn’t actually having terrible, adverse effects of people, how can they throw together the flu shot so fast and claim it’s safe? Do we even know how it was tested?

I’m in shape, I’m healthy, I exercise, I eat well (not to mention I’m sweet as sugar and am devilishly handsome), so I don’t understand why I would risk getting the flu shot, when from what I hear, pig flu isn’t the worst thing to come along. It’s not like the Spanish Flu, it’s more like that dud Bird Flu. Remember how that turned out? The Mayor killed his budgie because I thought it was morphing into a zombie.

As I say, if you’re going to get the flu shot, all the power to you. As for me, once jabbed, twice shy, baby.