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That Really Is Awkward

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Fooled The Mayor.

Tattoo U

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The Mellow Jihadi got this excellent tattoo the other day. He was looking for something that wasn’t too gaudy, didn’t draw unwanted attention, yet it had to have a cultural and religious impact. Ta da!

The Mayor has to say, that really doesn’t look an awful lot like Allah though.

I Love My Monther, Too

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

That’s nothing $800 and 30 hours of painful laser tattoo removal can’t fix. Then again, The Mayor has a sneaking suspicion buddy will never know that the word “Month” was spelt wrong.

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Saturday, January 9th, 2010


This is another reason why you may want to rethink having the guy that runs the meth lab down the street sculpt your next tattoo masterpiece.

Not only does that tattoo NOT resemble the child in the picture, it resembles Gary Coleman.

Ya, that’s what I’m talking about, Willis.

Friday Night Man Approved Tattooed Male Flesh

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Let’s face it: Guys with tattoos are H-O-T. It’s not that a tattoo makes an ugly guy hot. But a tattoo does make an average guy sexy and also makes a sexy guy irresistible. A tattoo is a sure-fire way to spot a bad boy. And we all know that bad boys get all the lady lovin’ they want.

Oh, the naughty things we want to do to Benjamin. Just look at those steamy, come-hither eyes. They’re so inviting. And that booty — So round and bubbly. Oops, I almost forgot. This is a post about tattoos. Right, right. There it is… Benjamin has a tribal tattoo on his shoulder! See, I knew there was another reason besides that sweet booty to share him with y’all.

Chris is 100% Grade AAA Beef. He’s got that cute-but-dumb trailer-park-hick thing going for him. Heck, who needs a guy to be smart, anyway? All a lady (or dude) really needs in a guy is a couple of hot tattoos and a one-track mind. Post-coital pillow talk is sooo overrated.

Alejandro es muy triste. (That means he is very sad.) He’s trying to drown his sorrows with bottle after bottle of cerveza. You see, it all started with Maria. She thought a tattoo would be sexy. So he got one for her. Then she started eyeing Alejandro’s best amigo Enrique who had two tattoos. So Alejandro got another to win and keep Maria’s heart. Then Maria’s attention drifted to Juan who had three tattoos. Alejandro knew what he had to do. Finally Alejandro got one too many tattoos and Maria left him. Poor Alejandro. Maybe he needs a buddy’s shoulder to cry on…

Hans is a hot German dude who believes tattoos are one’s righteous path to heaven. All of his tattoos are inspired by or represent the wings of angels. I don’t think JFK quite had Hans in mind when he proclaimed, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Germans is just crazzzy, yo.

Wow. Talk about a tattoo, huh?! Elliott was named after a very special Disney movie. Can you guess which one? To pay homage to his namesake, Elliott decided to take his tattoo to the next level. I can’t decide whether I should be turned on and jump Elliott from behind, or if I should be somewhat afraid of the formidable guardian-of-his-behind. If I had a behind that hot, I suppose I’d want something there protecting it too.

Until next time, remember: Studies show that a weekly dose of Man Flesh actually improves your heterosexual health!

Posted by Logan. Or is it Reg pretending to be Logan? Or Logan pretending to be Reg pretending to be Logan? I guess we’ll never truly know for sure…

Friday Night Female Flesh – Tattoo You!

Friday, May 9th, 2008


It’s tattoo week at Friday Night Female Flesh this week but my regular post has been altered for the news that Canadian girl Jayde Nicole is the 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year. It gets better, Jayde is from Mitchieville!

The lovely Jayde was born in Scarborough (a part of Toronto) and grew up in Port Perry. It just so happens that His Worship grew up in Scarborough and the great Fenris Badwulf hangs his hat there these days. The Town of Port Perry, located about 40 minutes east of Toronto and a part of Mitchieville Township, is buzzing with the news that Jayde has been named Playmate of the Year. Imagine the pride when residents learn that Port Perry got mentioned at Mitchieville as well! Jayde was Playmate of the Month in January 2007 and must be a huge Aretha Franklin fan as she has the word “RESPECT” tattooed just above her, ahem, panty line. As it is Tattoo Week at Friday Night Female Flesh, I have a totally 100% NSFW close-up of this respectful tattoo right here. Congratulations to Jayde, The Mayor, his Cabinet, and all of Mitchieville are proud of you.

Here’s a few other tattooed laden tarts who can’t hold a candle to Mitchieville’s homegrown Playmate of the Year but I took the time to find them for this post so what the heck: