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The Mayor’s New Year Message

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Well there ya go, another year bites the dust. Suck it, 2010.

Actually, 2010 wasn’t all that bad. In fact, 2010 was rather memorable. Not that The Mayor remembers any of it, but I’m sure some of you do. Thanks for remembering.

December 31 is a special day in Mitchieville for many reasons. The mostest specialist is because my beautiful baby girl was born two years ago today. Many of you will remember the drama that surrounded The Mayor’s household two years ago. But everything worked out exactly the way it was meant to work out. As all things do.

Clare has been a real blessing to TLDG, my family and I. I’m sure you can imagine.

Today also marks Mitchieville’s 6th year anniversary. Yup, Mitchieville is six years old today. When The Mayor thinks about it, there is only one activity The Mayor has engaged in longer than blogging. And it’s not what you think. Pervert.

On behalf of Fenris, Nurse Kate, all the Cabinet members and Senators, and The Mayor of Mitchieville, we wish you a happy, safe and prosperous 2011.

May you always have walls for the winds,

A roof for the rain,

Tea beside the fire,

Laughter to cheer you,

Those you love near you,

And all your heart might desire.

From us at Mitchieville, to you.

The Top 10 Reasons Why The Mayor Loves Having The Flu

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

1) It gives The Mayor the opportunity to taste what ginger ale is like without a few shots of top-shelf rye to mellow it out.

2) I actually love the feeling of impending bed sores ravishing my body.

3) The prospect of losing 12 pounds in 5 days is always a wonderful motivator.

4) Being able to watch home renovation shows and listening to Chad and Madison bitch and moan that the $800,000 home their real estate agent showed them didn’t have an indoor pool and they could never live without one. Well, it’s nice to see the upper crust have to suffer such indignities.

5) Crackers for breakfast, crackers for lunch, crackers for dinner. Love the crackers. Uh huh.

6) Waking up absolutely drenched, thinking your fever broke, when in fact the only reason you’re soaked is because you peed your bed.

7) Not having to change your underwear for 120 hours…and not caring a damn that you haven’t.

8) Being able to tell the telemarketers that no, The Mayor can’t come to the phone because he’s on deaths door, and knowing that this time you’re not actually lying.

9) I’ve always considered throwing up in small buckets a sport. And I am the gold medal champion.

10) All the “I’m glad you’re better, Mr Mayor” comments from my fellow Mitchievillian’s that adorn the comment section of the first post The Mayor pens since coming back from his near death experience.

Happy Thanksgiving (This Is Also Your Easy Like Sunday Morning Post)

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Give yourself a few minutes of alone time today and reflect on what you are truly thankful for. You are going to come away filled with joy, because you are blessed.

Thank You Citizens Of Tulsa Oklahoma

Friday, July 10th, 2009


For coming to Mitchieville, hanging around, and making comments on posts about Gary Busey.

It was of interest to The Mayor (I’m talking in the third person now) to see that not one, but two Tulsonians commented on the Gary Busey post from a few days ago .

Kate, and Titan Mk6B are both from Tulsa, and made sure to remind The Mayor that when commenting about Gary Busey, it is best to do so with respect. Not to worry Tusoniacs, I happen to think Gary Busey is a pretty great guy.

When I hear where a commenter is from, the first thing that comes to mind is if I know anything about the city/country/continent that person is from. And funnily enough, Tulsa just happens to be close to The Mayor’s heart, as I had the privilege of going to Tulsa when I was a young lad.

My family and I drove down to Tulsa when I was about 14. For those of you not in the know, Tulsa is the home to about 3 billion Southern Baptists, and at the time my father was a Baptist, although not the Southern type.

Tulsa is pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the Bible belt, and we were there for a Baptist convention. I want to say we stayed in Wagoner, but truth be told I’m not sure any more.

I remember touring Oral Roberts University. At the time I thought Oral Roberts was the funniest name I had ever heard. Next to I.P. Nightly, of course. To this day, I still think that Oral Roberts would have been a great name for a toothbrush.

I was thinking what I knew about Tulsa, and here is what I came up with:

  • Tulsa sits at the foot of the Ozarks
  • If you go to Tulsa in August, you may catch on fire and disintegrate
  • If you buy a trailer home and move to Tulsa, there is an 87% chance you will have it ruined by a tornado
  • In Tulsa, gay people are referred to Oklahomo’s
  • At one time, Tulsa was the oil capital of the US
  • If you’re into art deco, go to Tulsa
  • Famous people from Tulsa include Rue Mclanahan, Tony Randall, Steve Largent, Judy Woodriff (spit) and everyone’s favourite, Gary Busey

And on that note, I would like to once again thank the citizens of Tulsa Oklahoma for visiting Mitchieville. In the words of another great Tulsasonian, Anita Bryant, “Mi casa, su casa”.