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Welcome To Toronto

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The new spokesman for the newly released Toronto tourism campaign, “We’ll Blow Your Mind”, is rather fitting for that position, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, he’s rather fitting for many positions, probably.

The foul stench of oppression

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I have never been so outraged as I am right now. Even the sunlight coming through my office window does not warm my hands, and I cannot really enjoy cloud watching as much as I normally do at work. As an activist, and a progressive, I am filled with care and concern for the most downtrodden and hard done by in our racist, oppressive society. Even more so that they are not getting the administrative support for their caregivers that they deserve. My left eyebrow is twitching, and even my afternoon tumbler of Jack Daniels is emptied and ignored. I do not have the strength to fetch my assistant to fetch me another. I am upset.

Like all progressives, I prefer to read the office copy of The Toronto Star that you taxpayers buy. At home, I subscribe to the National Post, for superior insight for my investments. And what a bucketful of outrage there was in the paper today.

Read this article about the stench in Toronto * . Shocking, is it not? I am glad that the Red Star does not cover the negative aspects of the strike, as this would not fit the narrative of ‘all leftists good, all non-leftists bad’. And this article is full of bad, which is bad.

Mira Soliman lives near the Ted Reeve arena at Danforth and Main. I used to live near there, before socialism took away my job. Now comrade Soliman can live close to the gangbanger apartments on Danforth at Main. I hope her children are learning hip hop in mathematics class, and her daughter can correctly conjugate the verb ‘ho’, for she will need to know this to get an education in Toronto. As for her complaints about being a screwed over taxpayer, she should cut out that sort of talk. Taxspenders do not like it. In the interest of free speech, she should STFU, as the Crips gang who live upwind of her say.

And as for the paradise of Moss Park, lefties normally only mention it in regard to the horrible murders that occur there, and do not normally mention all the money, government money, that has gone into making is so attractive to the people who go there. By day, public works workers, social workers, and needle exchange picker-upers, and by night, whores, pimps, and drug salespersons. Too bad the once beautiful park (as it was in the days of Orange Toronto), has turned into a diseased place of corruption and evil. Then came the garbage strike, to make it smelly, too. If only Moss Park could become the tranquil place it was back in the days of Orange Toronto, back when there was no social spending, but have it tranquil but with lots of social spending. It is sad, however much more is spent of other peoples money, it still gets worse. My cheque cashing hand gets sore just thinking about it.

Then there is this gem of an article * . Of course it is not politically correct. Nasser Obsieh is obviously not a white Christian. Mentioning that this person is collecting a state pension for madness, when madness is supposed to prevent you from immigrating, is not sticking to the narrative. Poo poo on the Post.

Tuberculosis. I have mentioned frequently the prevalence of TB in Toronto. But only as a means to increase social spending. So what is the Post doing mentioning the widespread existance of this disease without a plug for more community centers, free ballet shoes, or safe injection sites at homes for unwed mothers? And mentioning that all these diseased people are off coughing in a fast food line is really not the image that a progressive, an activist, or whatever the aristocratic elite like to call themselves this day, like to present. To think that the scruff beside you in the pizza parlour is a raging vector for plague is not the image of cute and fundsworthy that the perfumed and highly pensioned no-workers of the taxspending enabler class wish to present.

Toronto, the city of light, harvesting the rewards of billions of years of inadequate social spending.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

xpd Mitchieville, DustMyBroom

Toronto Garbage Strike — Day 22

Monday, July 13th, 2009


As Toronto slithers its way into the third week of a garbage strike, things are starting to look downright bleak. Disease is spreading across the City of Light, with reports of murine typhus and rat-bite fever rampant in many parts of the metropolis. Dead bodies are now being stacked like cord wood in many of Toronto’s skating rinks, parks, and industrial warehouses.

As garbage transfer stations become nothing more than rat infested disease portals, many residents of Toronto have emailed me, asking for advice and tips as to where they can dump their trash without the fear of being bit by Wilbur the killer vermin.

I may be able to help.

The first thing every denizen should do is buy a paper shredder. If you are going to rid your garbage in an unconventional way, you do not want your name or address on any correspondence in your garbage bag. The garbage police are looking — they are sifting through your refuge, taking names and addresses, and they will find you. And when they find you they will drag you from your home and throw you into a gulag where you will rot like the filthy trash you tried to illegally dump.

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of your trash without the inconvenience of visiting a garbage transfer station:

1) Dig a giant hole in your backyard and simply toss it in. Better yet, if you live near a graveyard, there are plenty of convenient holes popping up every day. Once the garbage bag is out of your hands, it is no longer your problem. I believe I can back that statement up through a fact of law.

2) Build a trebuchet. Simple plans for an effective trebuchet can be found online. You will want to build one that can launch 200 feet. You will want to double bag your garbage if you go this route, and I would also advise you to place a few 10 lb rocks in the bag for maximum distance.

3) A hot air balloon is also a very effective way of getting rid of many bags of garbage at once. You’ll never be sure where your garbage will end up, but wait until the wind is heading towards Scarborough. Trust me when I say they will never notice a few hundred thousand extra bags of smelly trash in their backyards.

4) Mayor Miller and the CUPE workers’ don’t seem to mind the few extra million rats, raccoons, and skunks that now infest Toronto, and so you shouldn’t either. It’s time to make our newest neighbours feel welcome: start feeding the Vermin-Canadians! Feed them your old banana peels, orange rinds, peanut shells, meat fat, hell, the vermin-Canadian will eat just about anything, it doesn’t even have to be actual food!

The Vermin-Canadian you feed today will be the taxspender of tomorrow.

5) Burn it. Burn every last piece of it. And the pieces that don’t burn, throw them down the sewer. Nothing is your fault, and nothing is your problem. Nothing. Let’s face facts here: CUPE has been on strike for 22 days now, and yet you’re still paying a garbage tax. You are paying a tax for a service you are not receiving. So why should you feel guilty when you dump a few measly cans of Libby’s soup down the sewer?

Those are just 5 ways to dispose of your trash, I’m sure the good constituents of Mitchieville — who are not in the middle of a summer garbage strike — will have more suggestions.

You’re welcome.

Toronto Garbage Strike — The Crisis Continues

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

As Toronto enters its second week of a garbage strike with no end in sight, residents of the City of Light® are becoming quite restless. The garbage is starting to pile up, rats are starting to breed like tax-spenders hovering over a welfare cheque, and the city is starting to smell worse than it usually does.

Mayor David Miller and his cabal at Toronto City Hall devised a contingency plan last week whereby residents can ship their garbage to one of 19 temporary dumps throughout Toronto. These sites include parks and arenas, and are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Although there are only a few handfuls of temporary dumping sites available for Toronto residents, a leaked report today found that Toronto City council is considering adding dozens more sites, as garbage is quickly filling up the temporary ones.


Soon, Toronto will have 30, 40 or possibly even more sites where residents can bring their garbage to. More parks, arenas, abandoned warehouses, beaches, rail-cars, and graveyards will become dump sites, to better serve the citizens of Toronto.

But if Toronto is only in their 8th day of a garbage strike and city councilors are considering adding dozens more dump sites to its list, what will Toronto look like if the garbage peoples go on strike for 11 weeks or more like they have in Windsor Ontario?


I’m a pretty optimistic person, but that sure doesn’t look good.

It’s plain to see that if Toronto garbage workers strike for anywhere near 11 weeks, the sun will be blotted out for Toronto residents, there will be a new super-breed of rat-people, and finally the residents of Hamilton will be able to say that there is actually a place in Canada that smells worse than their stinky city.

Hey, Toronto, how do you like the aroma of socialism now? Huh?