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Sunday’s Word Scrabble

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Hopefully you’ll do better than The Mayor, who went 0/4.

#3 is pizza, right?

MENSA Teaser

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Last week’s MENSA Teaser, which really should have been “general knowledge trivia” since the questions weren’t MENSA quality, was a nice break from the 32 week MENSA grind I have put you through since last October or so. It’s like drinking a vanilla shake for 32 weeks straight, then all of a sudden someone gives you a nice refreshing glass of prune juice. Mmmmmm, I could drink that all day, thanks!

We had not one person answer all 10 questions correctly last week. I may have phrased that wrong, let me try again – one person not didn’t answer questions of all ten correctly. Whew, that’s better, at first I thought I was becoming a little tongue tied. Or as certain person who makes graphics about salt would say, ‘tounge tied”.

I’m going to say something now that I have never said before. Something I have always wanted to say but never had the guts to just let out. Here goes: glogprupjusrthertmunbretspolty. I know that didn’t make any sense and was completely childish, but I have never said that before and now I have. I have just filled a dream and it’s only 7 am on a Thursday, what have you done today?

Since The Mayor is Canadian and more than 40% of Mitchieville’s readers are also from Canada, I thought I would run some Canadian Trivia today, to test your knowledge of all things, well, Canadian. For those of you not familiar with Canadian history, this will be a teachable moment for you, a moment to learn a little history about your global neighbours. This very well could be a bonding experience. For some, this could be a bondage experience. Either way, I’m doin’ it, I’m asking Canadian trivia questions.

Let’s git ‘er dun!

1) True or False?  Canada is the world’s second largest country, by land mass?

2) What animal is on the Canadian quarter?

3) True or False?  Superman was created by a Canadian?

4) What is the name of the elected lower house of Canadian parliament?

5) What is Laura Secord famous for?

6) What is the name of the highest mountain in Canada?

7) What is the name of Canada’s most famous sailing vessel?

8) Only one of the following places is NOT a real town in Canada. Butt, Climax, Dildo or Eyebrow?

9) Canada is a bilingual country, but what is the only officially bilingual province?
a) Quebec
b) New Brunswick
c) Ontario
d) Nova Scotia

10) What is the population of Canada?
a) 30 million
b) 23 million
c) 35 million
d) 39 million

If you don’t get at least 8/10 questions correct, you are an enemy of Canada. That may not mean a lot now, but when the revolution comes you’ll be whistling a different tune.

Good luck to all our trivia-type peoples. Have some fun with this quiz, send it to your friends via electronic letter. Print it off and give it to your co-workers. Keep a copy on your person and pull it out at parties or when trapped inside an elevator. And remember: The Mayor thinks pretty highly of you, you are not a bad person like your ex says you are. Sure, you’re strange and somewhat dangerous, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bad.

MindTrap Friday

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Considering that I thought last week’s questions were extremely hard, I was quite surprised at how many people did so well. Are you people taking your omega 3 pills every morning, or something? Fish oils are great for brain development, and I have this feeling that you folks must be bathing in it.

The answers for last week’s questions are:

1) The son would get 4/7, the mother, 2/7 and the daughter, 1/7

2) Catcher and umpire

3) 27

Let’s find out who last week’s winners are…


300 Carbon Credits To Fortune & Fame

Friday, June 20th, 2008

We are inching closer to 300 Carbon Credits and a giant prize extravaganza, it’s just around the corner. And you know what else is just around the corner? The rapture. I suggest you make peace with our Christian Lord and start flying straight, as it stands now, I might be the only Mitchievillian to even reach the pearly gates. That doesn’t bode well for you. Sinners.

In order to figure out the newly revised scores of the contest, we have to dial it back to June 6 when we had our last trivia game. I remember the day well. The corn was high in the fields, there was a gentle breeze on my cheeks, the sun was shining and a local radio station played happy songs with the word love in it each and every time. Those are what we refer to around here as the *good ole days*. Yes sir.

The answers from the June 6 trivia are thusly: 1) Never 2) Rainbow 3) Pink

Shocking, oui?

Here is how the standings have been affected:

Chris Taylor –2/3 = 245 carbon credits
Todd –0/3 = 220 carbon credits
Larry–3/3 = 210 credits
Dmorris–1/3 = 140 credits
Nancy 1/3 = 95 carbon credits
Rhebner 0/3 = 85 carbon credits
Linds 1/3 = 95 carbon credits <----- VERY pregnant
Reg–0/3= 75 carbon credits
Mech Eng–0/3 = 45 credits
J.M. Heinrichs 0/3 = 45 carbon credits
Darren 0/3 = 45 carbon credits 55 carbon credits
Cudgel–0/3= 53.18409 carbon credits
Mr Fortner–30 Credits
Daily Bayonet–0/3 = 30 credits 30 credits
Fenris Badwulf–0/3 = 30 credits
OMMAG 0/3 = 30 carbon credits
Polska 1/3 45 carbon credits
Frozen Tex 20 carbon credits
Dave (new player) 1/3 20 Credits
Dino 1/3 20 credits

For the first time since the contest started, Todd has been removed from the top spot and Chris has moved right in. Not only did Chris move right in, he took all of Todd’s belongings, poured gas on them, took them to the curb and lit everything on fire. He also sang showtunes while doing it.

Let’s get you three new questions, each with a value of 10 points:

1) I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for much more than a minute. What am I?

2) Peter decided to walk to the local waterfall, 10 miles away. At the moment he started, his dog ran off from his side and proceeded to the waterfall at a constant 8 miles per hour. As soon as the dog reached the waterfall, it started the return journey to Peter, keeping to the same speed. The dog continued this odd behaviour until Peter reached the waterfall. If Peter kept to a constant 4 miles per hour, how far did the dog run in total?

3) At the annual dancer’s ball a number of very experienced dancers performed their favourite dance with their favourite partners. Alan danced the tango, whilst Becky watched the waltz. James and Charlotte were fantastic together. Keith was magnificent during his foxtrot and Simon excelled at the rumba. Jessica danced with Alan, but Laura did not dance with Simon. Can you determine who danced with whom and which dance they each enjoyed?

I find that my copy and paste technique is pretty much unrivaled in the blogging world. I really should get a medal for that.

Good luck to all that participate this week. Even if you are not in the contest but would like to play, feel free to jump in and leave your answers. We love seeing new players, this isn’t the Royal family, we have no intention on having relations with our sisters and brothers. Wow, you just creeped me the hell out.

300 Carbon Credits To Fortune & Fame

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Another terrific prize has been added to the mix this week: an official Mitchieville T-Shirt. What makes it an *official* t-shirt? Well, I personally officialized it.

So, to recap, the winner of the 300 Carbon Credits To Fortune & Fame will receive a giant bottle of the finest Mennonite maple syrup known to man (it really is some amazing stuff), a Tim Horton’s or Starbuck’s gift card, and an official Mitchieville T-Shirt. What makes it an *official* Mitchieville T-Shirt. I’m not going to explain that twice, try keeping up with the tour next time.

I’ve had a few of these shirt commissioned, and starting next week I will start giving them away for various reasons, through various games, and however else I deem it necessary to unload them.

Here are the answers to last week’s questions:

1) 1= Jamie the Dalmatian
2= Sammy the Alsatian
3= Whitney the Dane
4= Jimmy the Poodle

2) 20 Miles

3) Upside down

And here is the new scoreboard:

Todd –3/3 = 200 carbon credits
Chris Taylor –3/3 = 175 carbon credits
Larry–3/3 = 165 credits
Dmorris–0/3 = 105 credits
Rhebner 0/3 = 85 carbon credits
Reg–0/3 = 75 carbon credits
Linds 0/3 = 75 carbon credits <----- ready to pop out baby any second now
Mech Eng–0/3 = 45 credits
J.M. Heinrich’s 1/3 = 60 carbon credits
Darren 0/3 = 45 carbon credits 55 carbon credits
Nancy 2/3 = 75 carbon credits
Mr Fortner–30 Credits
Daily Bayonet–2/3 = 30 credits 30 credits
Fenris Badwulf–0/3 = 30 credits
OMMAG 3/3 = 75 carbon credits
Polska 2/3 =60 carbon credits
Frozen Tex 20 carbon credits
Cudgel–1/3= 45.739015 carbon credits

Man, is it ever humid today. What a humid day.

Where most games will tally the totals and place the ranking from first to last, we’ve decided at Mitchieville central to just list the scores and names of the person willy-nilly. We are big fans of willy-nilly, we think those two words are a laugh riot.

Let’s have a boo at this week’s questions:

1) A man and a boy who are walking together step out with their right feet first. The boy walks three paces while the man walks two. When will the both put their left feel forward together. Explain.

2) This natural phenomenon is always a full circle. If someone said to you they had seen one at high noon, they would not be telling the truth. As a matter of fact, it cannot be seen if the sun is at an altitude greater than 42 degrees, since no part of it would be above the horizon.

3) What color does litmus turn when dipped into acid?

Best of luck to everybody who plays this week. Man, it really is humid in here.

Oh, I nearly forgot, to catch up on lost trivia and a chance to propel yourself to the top of the leader board, remember to play Tuesday Trivia with Fenris, and What’s in The Mayor’s Lunch?

Trivia Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

1) In Western cultural traditions, if you ‘push a man too far’ he will:

a) write a letter to the local Bolshevik newspaper which is the author of the progressive legislation that has taxed him into poverty.
b) call the 1-800 distress line and try to get a free perscription to psych meds.
c) shoot a member of his extended family in the head.
d) hunt you down.

Obviously, anything but d. Our modern, hippy enlightened collection of village people does not need anything similar to Vimy Ridge Canadians.

2) According to the revealed wisdom of devotees of Set, the Snake God, you will be asked questions by the Weigher of Souls. Select the three best answers:

a) Where does Mars fall in your natal horoscope?
b) Who are you to seek admission into Elysium?
c) What is the weight of the golden amulet that you have buried with your Heart?
d) When is the date of your birthday?
e) Why should you give out your credit card to telemarketers?

Well, a b c are the better answers. The Weigher of Souls already knows your birthdate (it is written on your mummy). You should always give your credit information to telemarketers, but you will not be asked this when you enter Elysium

3) When you are strangling someone you do not like, how many minuites should you count down on your wrist watch as you wait for complete brain death?

It takes five minuites for complete brain death. Anything less and you are left with a vegetable. Mind you, under two minuites and you have an angry victim … but in our modern hippy culture that is a collection of village people, he will probably just write a letter to the Toronto Star.

4) What subway station is closest to the Ontario Law Society offices in Toronto?

Osgoode, of course. As for the existance of the Ontario Club, where our legal overlords hang out, that you are going to have to take on spec.

5) When you push someone off a building that is under five stories in height, should you be prepared to administer first aid, or just call the organ broker?

Under five stories and you need to administer first aid. Five to seven and you have a cripple. Over seven, get ready to decant and sell their blood.

Questions, now:

1) In chess, are you permitted to castle after being placed in check?

2) In astrology, which house is called ‘the house of self-undoing’?

3) How many stereoisomers of sugar (monosaccharide) are there?

4) During the second world war, in what country was located the production facilities for the Panzer II?

5) If you are confronted by a bear (hungry, angry, or otherwise), you should:

a) try to understand their viewpoint
b) encourage more spending on bear habitat protection
c) rub your own feces in your hair and form dreadlocks so as to engender sympathy in the bear
d) try to act like a moose, deer, or elk
e) shot the creature in the heart

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

Trivia Tuesday

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Answers from Tuesday trivia for April 8, 2008

1) Which ranked higher on the Roman scale of power: the praetor or the quaestor? Praetor ranked higher. Praetors were also give command of medium sized provinces or medium sized armies. As such, they were called pro-praetor

2) If domestic gasoline prices were raised to the five dollars a litre range, could you expect unrest?

Of course not. People would rejoice and flock onto our advanced, crime free, undiseased and powerful urban transit systems

3) There are no known diseases that are transmitted by bed bugs.

Not a single one. And for proof I point to the lack of discussion in the press about diseases spread by bed bugs. If it was important, the important press would talk about it.

4) If Richard Warman is receiving a government employee paycheque, does that make him a government employee?

Discussing this man is like farting on an elevator when you are riding alone. Honestly, if Your Government wants to Oppress you, then that is fine with me. Me and my kind are safe. Stalin needs taxpayers. Taxspenders are a means to an end. Sometimes soap.

5) Artillery causes what percentage of casualties?

Seventy percent, pilgrim. But that is what my gunner told me.

Your next five questions:

1) How many Nazgul are there?

2) How many names of the Nazgul do you know?

3) Can you name the lost kingdoms of Men that the nameless, numberless Nazgul ruled over?

4) The poisoned blades of the Nazgul were made out of what surgical stainless steel alloy?

5) In what year did William the Conqueor devastate the city of York? What medieval illustrated book details the Three Years of the Wolf which this period is called? Is the use of z in medieval latin significant or not so much so in this work?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. You should write answers.

Trivia Tuesday

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Answers from Tuesday trivia for March 25, 2008

1) How many calories are there in a typical serving of pitted prunes?


According to the helpful brochure TB Tips: Advice for People with Tuberculosis …

2) TB is a disease that can be spread by someone talking, singing, laughing or saying a poem. (True or False)


3) TB was very rare in Canada until awareness about inadequate social spending began to rise during the rule of Trudeau (True or False)

Actually it was endemic until strict health laws, enforced quarantine, and strong border controls stopped the spread of this contagious disease. Then, sulpha drugs eradicated the disease. Then, Trudeau eradicated strict health laws, quarantines, and border controls.

4) TB cannot be caught on public transit, during non-heteronormative sex, or around homeless people. (True or Very True)

Nothing bad can ever come from the homeless, even though a quarter of them have the antibiotic resistant strain of TB. They also have a higher crime rate than the non-homeless, but that is because they are homeless. As for public transit, well, only good things can be said about it. Everything else is actionable, as Gaulieter Warren Kinsella would say.

5) TB was once used as a racist tool to discriminate against pre-Canadians. (True or False)

It sure was. Pre-Canadians used to come from parts of the world with a higher developed culture and greater respect for human rights, areas which also had poor health care (because of white oppression, not because of their culture) so they were endemic with TB. So, the evil racists would use the flimsy excuse of disease (like TB, bed bugs, or whatever) to keep the non-diseased out. Shocking.

Prepare for Questions.

1) Which ranked higher on the Roman scale of power: the praetor or the quaestor?

2) If domestic gasoline prices were raised to the five dollars a litre range, could you expect unrest?

3) There are no known diseases that are transmitted by bed bugs.

4) If Richard Warman is receiving a government employee paycheque, does that make him a government employee?

5) Artillery causes what percentage of casualties?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. You should write answers.

Tuesday trivia for March 25, 2008

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

1) How many calories are there in a typical serving of pitted prunes?

According to the helpful brochure TB Tips: Advice for People with Tuberculosis …

2) TB is a disease that can be spread by someone talking, singing, laughing or saying a poem. (True or False)

3) TB was very rare in Canada until awareness about inadequate social spending began to rise during the rule of Trudeau (True or False)

4) TB cannot be caught on public transit, during non-heteronormative sex, or around homeless people. (True or Very True)

5) TB was once used as a racist tool to discriminate against pre-Canadians. (True or False)

You can learn more about this disease at the website

Special thanks to the helpful volunteers who were handing out these brochures on Public Transit this morning

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

No Tuesday Trivia for you today. One of my readers has taken the time and energy to send me a tastefully large sum of money to buy my silence about some items I was going discuss on this forum. As you read this, a courier is cycling his way to the agreed location with the original documents. The magnesium burster charge should cook off just around five seconds before he hands them over to the other courier, as per agreement. Live streaming video on the paysite, of course.

This weeks theme is Make your own Artillery. Most urban dwellers in the regions that surround Toronto, can trace their ancestry back to the happy, pagan peoples of the peaceful Germanic tribes that surrounded the Roman Empire. These new age Goths, Saxons, Huns, Alans, Burgundians, Franks, Danes, and Vandals, all celebrate artillery as a way of seeking solutions to disagreement. The Celtic tribes of the Irish, Welsh, and Scots also celebrate artillery, but not as much. They prefer a pint of Guinness, and an axe.

Our first link is to one that is on most urban Chieftains list of bookmarks * . What farmer in the white homelands of the 519 does not have a spot on the estate for some state of the art 12th century siege warfare equipment? What marcher baron in the 905 does not have an arsenal of rock throwers or beam hurlers for the inevitable peasant uprising in the plantation of Scarborough?

Our second link is to an enterprising young man in New Zealand * . Too bad this sort of stuff is not taught in school. We need more young people like this, but the need for illiteracy programs and food handouts is more important than mathematics.

The third link is to the interesting projects site * . Indeed, the home handyman does not find much to keep him interested in the programs supplied by the local community center. He already knows how to read. He already has a job. He already knows how to speak English. Left to his own devices, it is off to the basement machine shop to make some interesting project!

The fourth link is for those of you wishing to explore your non-African heritage * . It is a great place to see what freedom fighters of the past have done to resist American Imperialism and fight Global Warming. Lots of prints and a detailed site worth exploring.

The fifth link is for the more advanced home hobbyist, searching for a project that is a step in complexity above that above * . Building one of something is one thing; building a salvo capable device is the next challenge!

The last link is for those alienated computer types out there * . Some of us do not know what memory resident programs are; some do. If you want to know, or know more, or know better, check out that link. It is a portal.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Well, Congratulations to the winners of last weeks Trivia. Both the Mayor and Chris Taylor of Taylor and Company * receive one thousand carbon credits.

1) Heavy water ‘Tritium’ has two neutrons. The worlds main source of tritium is Canada, Ontario actually. Yes, our Bruce nuclear plant holds the world hostage. When the oil runs out (next Thursday? Hmmm?) all the planet will be crawling on their knees to Ontario to beg for tritium to power their nuclear reactors, their air conditioners, their electric heat, their breweries. Muahahhahha.

2) I am not sure about this one. Last time I sailed past this hospital, there were two concrete pillars, painted yellow. They may have painted them. I sent a minion to photograph this location, but instead the churl ended up in a whorehouse where he squandered his weekend pass money and got the camera all sticky.

3) No, Herod the Great never made it to High Priest.

4) The senior priest wielded the hammer.

5) The graduation portrait of Paul Bernardo was taken down because the girls were kissing the picture.

This week, cut your teeth on these questions:

1) According to Churchill’s memoirs of the Second World War, his worst moment was:
a) the occupation of Paris by the French
b) the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse
c) the realization of the existance of the ‘V-2′ weapons
d) illness on his way to Yalta

2) The BOMARC missile had a speed in excess of Mach 2. (true or false)

3) The ideal shape of a fissile material for self-sustaining neutron production is a cube.

4) As a rule of thumb, after how many employees are fired by a middle manager does higher management begin to suspect that the middle manager is the cause of the problem?

5) According to the Secret Electrical Code, does the White wire or the Green wire get placed on the ground screw for tamper proofing?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

1) Heavy water is a way of refering to isotopes of Hydrogen. How many neutrons does Tritium contain?

2) The bus sized liquid oxygen tank at Toronto General Hospital (to the right of the parking lot as you enter the underground parking) is protected by two concrete collision pillars, painted yellow. (True or False)

3) Herod, king of the Roman client kingdom of Judea, was also High Priest. (True or False)

4) Roman religious practice dictated two priests attend animal sacrifice. Did the senior priest carry a hammer, or did he carry a knife?

5) Infamous rapist Paul Bernardo attended Wilfrid Laurier high school in Toronto. What is the reason that his school graduation photo was removed from public display?