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Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Twitter shares fell nearly 20% Tuesday night after a financial service company posted Twitter revenue, first-quarter earnings, and user figures:

Revenue jumped 74 percent from the year-earlier period, but the total was worse than even the most pessimistic of the 36 analyst estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters.

The company’s second-quarter revenue outlook of $470 million to $485 million was also well below the average Wall Street forecast of $538 million.

“We anticipate the factors that affected our first-quarter results will also affect our 2015 guidance,” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said in the company’s earnings call.

Monthly users went up and advertising revenue actually skyrocketed by 80% but the stock got clobbered after hours.

When it comes to social media sites like Twitter, the thing that always amazes The Mayor is not the increase in revenue they seem to turn every quarter, but the fact that their revenue is more than 1 cent. The Mayor can’t figure out how any of these sites make actual money. Do they make it by clicks? If so, does anyone know anyone, ever, who has actually clicked on one of their ads? Other than by mistake, of course.

How does Twitter make half a billion dollars not producing anything but clicks, and Facebook makes a magnitude of 10x what Twitter makes by actually not selling anything but clicks?

The Mayor knows there is more to it than that, but really there isn’t that much more to it than that.

The fact that social media sites make anything is astounding. They produce nothing. They can’t even outsource jobs to China because there aren’t any jobs to outsource.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr – they are all worth billions, but eventually they will all have the same place in history alongside Myspace.

Hope & Changes (Without The Condescension)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


It’s time to update your old, crusty bookmark section again, for there have been a few changes in Mitchieville.

Keiser has left Blogger for a fresh, new start on Wordpress. The Lair can now be found right about here. The new Lair looks more Keiserish. Meaning, it’s bright, inviting, and has 23% more insanity. Meaning, Keiser has now achieved full 100% insanity.

Our favourite myth buster, The Daily Bayonette, has also taken his act over to Wordpress. The Daily Bayonette, as you are well aware, is The Mayor’s favourite spot to find information debunking AGW and all things related to the hysteria over the false science. TDB has a beautiful site, and if he didn’t put his blogroll in alphabetical order, I would bet your life that Mitchieville would be in the #1 spot.

Lastly, but not leastly, The Mayor (and that’s me, I’m speaking in the third person) has been spending a portion of each and every day over at I Hate The Media. And while I do indeed hate the media, I happen to really dig the  I Hate The Media website.

And it’s posts like thisthat makes The Mayor (I’m still talking in the third person) keep going back for more. Imagine, Obama asks for some Dijon mustard–that is some of the funniest crapola I have ever heard in my life. “Sorry, Your Highness, we’ze only gots Frenchs’.”

Bookmark and or re-bookmark these three sites. It’s the closest thing to an order that I’m comfortable giving. Oh, BTW, you got a spicy mustard or something like that?


Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

It still amazes me how many excellent blogs there are out there that I didn’t know existed before I signed onto Twitter. It’s a wonder that I never knew of the Granite Grok before, but now that I do know of it, I’ve bookmarked it, added them to my Backbenchers (tonight I will), and visit every day.

The Granite Grok is a blog dedicated to Free Market and Limited Government™. Having said that, when you get to the Granite Grok, you will find fantastic posts, great cartoons, funny pictures and stories, great YouTube videos, and enough material to keep you going for a month of Sundays.

That’s the site I’m recommending you have a boo at today, and tomorrow and for the days to come. If you don’t, and I catch you hanging out at Perez Hilton’s site, I will kick you square in the balls.

Excellent Blogs I found Through Twitter

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

If you are interested in the latest Barack Obama news, then The Obama File is one of those sites that you must bookmark.

Keep in mind you will not be hearing much news about Obama’s dog, or what shoes Obama’s wearing today, or why he is already the greatest President ever in the history of the universe, you will get hard-hitting news and posts that are well researched, well written, and served up on a giant tee and knocked the hell out of the park.

And yes, the whole *served on a giant tee and knocked the hell out of the park* line made little sense, but you know me, once it’s typed out there’s no going back.

The Obama File–Mitchieville loves the site, we recommend it, we go there every day, and so should you.

Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Although I don’t update Twitter all that often, and to be perfectly frank I see Twitter more as a chat room than anything else, I have still managed to find a ton of great websites and blogs because of it. At The Point of a Gun is one of those blogs I’m talking about.

Updated daily and chock full of interesting links, At The Point of A Gun is a fairly new blog that should do well solely based on the excellent links the author manages to find. There’s always something interesting going on and from the sidebar I see that the author goes to many of the same sites I do. Which means he has taste. Yes, I’m fluffing up my own feathers and indicating that I have some sort of special ability as well as better taste than the average Joe/Jane Q. I would be interested in someone that can prove me wrong.

I’m adding At The Point of a Gun to Mitchieville’s cabinet, and you should add it to your favourites. You should go by there every day and leave comments, something you don’t even do on Mitchieville.

Excellent Blogs I Found On Twitter

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

If you are a political junkie and don’t have Doug Ross & Journal  bookmarked, then you are doing a disservice to yourself. And what have I told you about doing a disservice to yourself? That’s right, I said not to do it.

Doug Ross’ has been running a great blog since about the middle of 2003, which means that Doug & Company are entitled to a generous grant courtesy of the new Obama administration. Good job, Doug, take the blood money and run.

As soon as you start reading the first post Doug has on his page, you will notice there is something that makes Dougs Journal  different from about 90% of the blogs out there: his is good.

Smartly written, entertaining, personal, and chocked full of links on so many subjects that it’s hard to stay for only a little while on Doug’s site, it’s best to pack a sandwich and prepare to kick back for a stretch.

The only other things I know about Doug is that he enjoys paragliding, things made of latex, and the embrace of blue eyed women that smell of vanilla.

Doug & Journal  was a great find for The Mayor, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, too.

Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Our friend Mare had the nicest compliment toward the various blogs I have found on Twitter and posted for you:

“It’s like finding someone who sells wine who has the same tastes as you do. No wasting money or time buying something you don’t like.”

And that’s the way I feel, too.

Technically, the next blog I’d like to introduce you to wasn’t actually found through Twitter, but rather it was found through Rocky. But seeing as though I’m not starting up a new segment called “Excellent blogs I found through Rocky”, we’ll just pretend for a minute. M’kay?

Blair, who writes for The Secrets of Vancouver, has an absolutely fantastic and entertaining site. The title of his blog suggests it may be a localized blog, but it’s actually anything but. He has a great mix of Canadian and American political stories and views, with a smidgen of local posts.

This is bookmark time. I lurked around The Secrets of Vancouver  for about an hour yesterday, bookmarked it and came back today to find a host of new and highly entertaining posts waiting for me. Not for you, for me. It’s hard to imagine, but all the posts were actually meant for me. In a way, that’s kind of creepy.

Go to Blair’s site and enjoy the hell out of it. To me, The Secrets of Vancouver is like a diamond in the rough. I’m sure to get many years of reading enjoyment from it, or until Blair and I get into a fight and I kick him square in the balls and never go back to his site.

You’ve been warned, Blair, don’t mess with me.

Excellent Blogs I Found On Twitter

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Manly’s Republic  is another one of those blogs I didn’t know existed before I signed up to Twitter, but now that I know about it, I go there every day. Manly’s Republic  is based on Reagan Conservatism, which means you will get a true Conservative voice based on reason and virtue.

Manly also has a section dedicated to Ronald Reagan and a section called Manly’s Classroom. I suggest starting there to get acquainted to the Republic, and then Bob’s your uncle, whatever the hell that means.

I highly recommend Manly’s Republic. It’s a great read, very informative, and updated daily (except when he’s sick from the flu like he is today). You’ll be glad you did.

Excellent Blogs I Found On Twitter

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Typically, I don’t like adding blogs to the cabinet if they haven’t been around for more than a year. I’m making an exception today and adding Autumn People  immediately. When I say I will be adding Autumn People immediately, I mean the IT team will do it, and seeing as though the wheels of progress grinds slowly in Mitchieville, I suspect Autumn People will be added to cabinet some time in 2011.

Autumn People  is a site that combines good humour and good reasoning. There are plenty of excellent and interesting posts to keep your attention, and I’ll go as far as saying the owner of the site will one day become rich due to a technical glitch on the stock exchange, making his 50,000 shares of AIG skyrocket 2000% over night.

Get your bookmarking fingers ready and head over to Autumn People.  You will be glad you did.

Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Have you been to American Digest  yet? What a freaking find, what a gem. The only problem I find with American Digest is that you can’t go there if you are in any way rushed. It’s a site that’s will keep you there for quite some time.

Chock full of articles and discourse, American Digest  is a tremendously well written and informative blog. Trust The Mayor when I say that it is a completely bookmarkable site. And in case you were wondering, bookmarkable is  a work, I believe it can be used as a verb or a noun. It’s a pretty great word.

And American Digest is a pretty great site. Enjoy the hell out of it!

Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I’m sure there are many Mitchievillian’s that are familiar with The Minority Report  blog. The Mayor has been there before on his travels, but never bookmarked the site for some reason. That was a big mistake.

I rediscovered The Minority Report  while mucking about on Twitter, and when I went back there a few days ago, it struck me that I must have been whacked out on glue the first time I went there, because there’s not a reason in heaven why I shouldn’t have marked it in the first place.

What a fantastic read. The Minority Report  is not only gritty, but very informational and well written. It’s a top shelf blog that every Mitchievillian should pay attention to.

The Minority Report  is now part of The Mayor’s cabinet (actually it isn’t, but it will be tonight). It’s now a daily read.