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The Russians (and their new friends) Are Coming!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

If it wasn’t so terribly true you would swear it came from a Tom Clancy novel. Our ancient enemies have conspired against us and the freedom loving capitalist ways of North America. A trap is about to be set and once sprung we will find ourselves under the barrels of their merciless guns. What is this trap? The Russians are set to build a $12 Billion dollar tunnel under the Bering Strait to Alaska .

The mass airborne assault once visualized in the movie Red Dawn will no longer be needed. In 20 years the commies will drive ashore in Alaska and send their armoured columns down the Alaska-Canada Highway into the heart of Northern British Columbia.

A venture this expensive has to have some serious financial backing. What freedom hating country is helping finance this venture? China. It gets worse, what country has offered underground drilling services at half the market cost? Japan. It is clear now, a new axis of evil has emerged: Communist China, “Democratic” Russia and Japan. China covets our vast tracts of arable land. Russia covets our oil reserves and the Stanley Cup. Japan, they seek revenge for the events of August 1945 and reparations for the Cheap Trick ‘Live At Budokan’ album.

Canada must act now must act now! Mandatory conscription for two years service of all able-bodied persons between the ages of 18 and 40 must begin at once (that includes you as well Quebec). CFB Cold Lake must have its fighter wing tripled in size. The PPCLI must form new companies and station them in urban areas of western Canada. Armouries must be built in places like High Level, Peace River, Fort Nelson, Terrace and Dawson City. A wall will be built around Whitehorse and that fair city is to be defended until all the resident Yukonians are dead. Watson Lake is now a bona fide defensive nuclear target. Plans must be made to raze Fort McMurray.

We will not stand alone brother and sister freedom lovers. Surely France, England and Belgium will send their young children to fight and die on our soil as we so selflessly fought and died for them on their soil in the great wars of the last Century. Yes, the French will make those dirty Cossacks think twice. Most importantly of all, I, Suvorov, will fight along side you. The building of the Pacific Wall fortifications will begin tonight.

Fight, Resist, Attack!

Posted by Suvorov

UN Troops Face More Child Abuse Claims

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Remember, this is the organization that leftists uphold, and believe we should let dictate our foreign policy:

Children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia, a BBC investigation has found.
Girls have told of regular encounters with soldiers where sex is demanded in return for food or money.

A senior official with the organisation has accepted the claims are credible.

The UN has faced several scandals involving its troops in recent years, including a DR Congo paedophile ring and prostitute trafficking in Kosovo.

The assistant secretary-general for peacekeeping operations acknowledges that sexual abuse is widespread.

“We’ve had a problem probably since the inception of peacekeeping – problems of this kind of exploitation of vulnerable populations,” Jane Holl Lute told the BBC.

“My operating presumption is that this is either a problem or a potential problem in every single one of our missions.”

Kofi Annan admitted there is widespread abuse, but to date only 2 *peacekeepers* have been sent to jail.

Kofi also said there is a *Zero Tolerance* policy towards these twisted sexual predators. Did I mention that a grand total of two UN *peacekeepers* have been sent to jail so far? Another successful UN policy, hoorah!

Who’s watching the peacekeepers?

Iran is in Deep Trouble

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

The UN has Iran’s number, and if the Iranians were smart they would listen up:

UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council demanded Wednesday that Iran suspend uranium enrichment, the first time the powerful body has directly urged Tehran to clear up suspicions that it is seeking nuclear weapons.

Diplomats portrayed the statement, which is not legally binding, as a first, modest step toward compelling Iran to make clear that its program is for peaceful purposes.

Wow, the UN issued Iran a statement, the Iranians must be shaking in their collective boots.

The next step after a statement comes a heavily worded and courser statement. If that doesn’t work then the Iranians are in real big trouble and will be issued a really, really, heavily worded statement written in red ink.

If the red ink statement doesn’t work, then this is when the UN goes into overdrive: They issue a *proclamation*. If the first nine proclamations don’t work, then the Iranians will receive 9 more proclamations, but those proclamations will be written in red ink and on beige paper, not typical white paper, and there will be words in there like *angry* and *disappointed*.

If that somehow fails to sway the Iranians to stop their enrichment program, then the UN has no choice but to issue them a *decree*. This is where I actually start to feel sorry for the Iranians. The decree is heavily worded, written on yellow paper and in red ink, and is postage paid to the Iranians.

If the first eight decrees don’t work, then the UN will be forced to pull out its big guns: a *declaration*. The declaration will be written in uppercase letters, with red ink and on yellow paper, heavily worded, and there won’t be any smiley faces at the bottom of the page where it is signed.

If the declaration doesn’t convince the Iranians to change their way, then all hell breaks loose and the UN will issue them a *notification*. The notification will be heavily worded, written in red ink and on purple paper, there won’t be any smiley faces at the bottom of the page, it will be postage paid to the Iranians, and the envelope won’t be sprayed with perfume. Man, I cringe at the thought of that happening.

If all that doesn’t work, the UN will use its special weapon: a series of crank phone calls. “Hello? Ayatolla Khomeini? Do you have Prince Raymous in a box? Yes? You better let him out, he’s going to suffocate”.

I pity the poor Iranians if it comes down to that.

Hey, Iran! We are very serious, you better stop it!

The U.N. gets it wrong again….what’s new?

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

A U.N. conference that is studying Violence against children is being held in Africa this week. Out of the many recommendations, this one caught my eye:

The Independent Expert for the UN Study, Sergio Pinheiro, called for a universal ban on corporal punishment, saying it was having a devastating effect on children’s development. “Despite progress in civil and political rights, democracy has not made its way into the family and schools,” he said.

“There is nothing reasonable about hitting children.”

Nor is there anything reasonable about the U.N.

It seems the U.N. won’t be happy until every single vestige of parenting is in their hands. As long as they can tell you how to raise your children, what resources to educate them with, and what to think, then everything will be okay.

Certain children don’t need corporal punishment, some children do. That’s life. I hear more often than not, parents telling me that they’d never raise their hand to their children let alone hit them. I know their kids, and trust me when I say that they should be hitting them. Not beating them, settle down, but showing them who’s boss.

It’s not a secret that Western Society has the most spoiled little shits in the world. Many children are aggressive, greedy little pigs that know that no-one can touch them, and they certainly aren’t afraid of their parents, hell, they have no respect whatsoever for them.

Usually parents that tell me that they have never spanked their children are not much more than cowards. They have a holier-than-thou attitude about raising kids, yet they don’t know the first thing about rearing a child. Most parents worry about being liked too much by their children and don’t discipline their children properly, for fear that little Tommy might get upset and not wuv them anymore. Boo hoo, suck it up, sunshine. Children need to learn respect from the get-go, but often that’s lacking in our modern *enlightened* society.

The U.N. are no more than a bunch of hypocritical weasles, and they are totally irrelevant. They are all talk and no action. They are great at telling us what to do, but they do little if nothing to improve the poor and the oppressed peoples lots in life.

The U.N. should just stick to doing what it knows best, stealing money, and letting the soldiers under it’s auspices torture and rape the third world citizens.

The U.N.; a punchline to a bad joke.

United Nations hypocrisy can be found here.

The U.N. UNdemocratic, UNcivilized, UNkewl

Saturday, January 8th, 2005

From the Washington Times

For the record, the U.N is a useless organization. Unable to stop the genocide in Rwanda, Kosovo, Sudan, ect, and as of today NOT providing any relief for the Tsunami victims of S.E. Asia, they are now caught up in another scandal. This time, it’s the U.N troops who are in the Congo, raping and abusing little girls.

United Nations, United States, Jan. 7 (UPI) — The U.N. watchdog office says peacekeeping troops have continued to abuse girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sometimes paying two eggs for sex.

U.N. peacekeeping officials say member states providing the soldiers must send sterner commanders and toughen punishment for perpetrators.

“Peacekeeping troops”?.

Although troops knew an investigation was being conducted in eastern Bunia from June to September last year, they continued their activities, the report said.

The reason that they keep raping is that they are allowed to keep raping. Castrate the fuckers, see if that helps. The U.N is it’s own watchdog, and that’s where the trouble starts. When an organization as monstrous as the U.N is allowed to go unchecked, abuses like this are always commonplace. Take for instance the U.N Iraqi Oil for Food scandal. Embroiled directly in the middle of the scandal are Kofi Annan and his son. Instead of stepping aside and letting a full investigation take place, our boy Kofi takes the low road and refuses to step down. Shredding documents, cover-ups, lies and deceit will pave the way.

This is why it’s beyond me when people say that when there is a global problem, we should let the U.N handle it. The U.N can’t take care of it’s own business, let alone any of the worlds problems. We have so many countries in the world that hate Democracy and freedom, and will do anything to stop progress. Think of how many actual democracies there are in the world. Uh huh, not that many really. Yet for some reason people think that when all the countries in the world get together at the U.N, they will put aside all their differences, perform a giant circle jerk, and do what’s best for the world. Reality check time, it never happens. Do you really think that countries like Iran and Syria, N.Korea and Saudi Arabia, or any Arab nation for that matter, give a shit about democracy, freedom and western values?. Think about it. Meditate on it. Cradle the thought in your brain. Take a deep breath, hold it…hold it, now exhale. There, is everything clear now?

Small countries put their faith in the U.N because they can’t handle the enormity of foreign affairs by themselves. As the saying goes, “The strong do as they can, the weak do as they must”.