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Rock N’ Roll The Vote

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I’m going to try something different regarding The Mayor’s “_______ Of The Week” segment starting next week. Instead of The Mayor picking out a typically amazing segment and running with it for the week, I’m going to let my constituents choose which segment they would like to see grace the pages of Mitchieville.

I will give you three choices, and by the end of Sunday, the topic with the most votes will  prevail and The Mayor will make a big deal out of it.

Here we go:

1) Safety Week

2) I Can See Your Pee Pee Week

3) Polar Bear Week

Once again, the “______ of the Week” will be determined by the segment with the most votes.

I hope that was confusing enough for you. Now get voting.

Have You Voted Yet?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Have you voted yet?

You mean for Barack (pbuh)?

No, I don’t mean for Barack (pbuh).

I mean, have you voted for Mitchieville in the Best Humour category in the annual Canadian Blogging Awards yet?

You should. You haven’t exactly been ringing the bell on our PayPal account lately, but you can make it up to me by either, A) Voting for Mitchieville right now, or B) Sending me more pictures of your sister.

Either way, I’m good.

You should also vote for these fine people, the folks The Mayor endorses:

(Mitchieville is also in the Best Blog category, but we want to tank on that one, so don’t vote for me) Vote for either The Daily Bayonete, Dust My Broom, Five Feet, Angry or SDA

Best Non-Partisan Blog–Unambiguously Ambidextrous   Make sure to vote our bro, Raphael at Ambidextrous

Best Podcast–Darcey at The Broom for sure. Hands down, great product, heavily endorsed.

Best Local BlogThe London Fog  I nominated these folks, you know how great they are, take a second and give them a plug

There are a few other categories to consider, if you see someone who you like, vote them in, it’s appreciated by the blogging community. Not so much by me, but by others, I mean.