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You Are One Big Bastard Week

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

It’s not often that anyone actually has the good fortune of snapping a picture of Fenris, but it was obviously someones lucky day. Heck, lucky year really.

And it’s good to see Fenris still kept his MMA heavyweight belt, I thought it got lost in a snowstorm last January.

Ya, that’s all I got.

You Are One Big Bastard Week

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Holy crap Bulgarian women are huge, eh?

But they do have some decent sized breasts, The Mayor will give them that. But seriously though, throw on a top, Borislava, or you’ll catch the death of cold.

You Are One Big Bastard Week

Monday, May 16th, 2011

The Mayor has often heard that the reason bodybuilders get so big is because they are compensating for something. For instance, when The Mayor was a teenager, he had a buddy that started lifting weights and getting huge because he wanted to be bigger than his abusive father. The old man use to give The Mayor’s buddy a terrible hiding, all the time. Fred (his real name) decided one day after getting the crap kicked out of him that enough was enough. He went to some doctor who gave him weekly shots of steroids, and between the roids and the 4 hours in the gym every night for months and months, Fred became absolutely massive. He got so big that he had to turn sideways to get through doorways.

A year or so after Fred started on his death regiment, his old man came home drunk and tried to get all up in Fred’s grill. Well, God bless Fred. Fred went into a steroid rage and beat the old man like a dirty rug. It was ugly. But beautiful.

Fred was compensating.

As for the guy in the picture above? He probably has a small dick.