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Where’s Roddy?

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I had the Where’s Roddy? feature on Mitchieville once before, but I got three pictures in and ended up losing (misplacing) the rest of the pictures. By a stroke of luck, magic really, the pictures showed up about five minutes ago. Five minutes ago was 9:24 pm, eastern standard time. I know you were wondering.

This isn’t a feature that’s going anywhere, it’s relatively useless in the greater scheme of things, but I’ve put in quite a bit of sweat equity into this segment, and if I put a halt to it now, I may never forgive myself. I believe that last sentence had one too many commas in it. Again though, it would be folly to fix it, what’s done is done.

Where is that little devil, Roddy? I know he’s somewhere in our somewhat messy bathroom, but where? WHERE? For the love of God, we have rats!