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Aint Dat Da Truth

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Ya, aint much of that cheese around any more.

Huzzahs go 0ut to Fenris Badwulf for his excellent contribution toward White Atrocity Month. It was wonderful having Fenris remind us on a daily basis just how terrible whitey really is. The Mayor loved having that point driven home, and hopes – nay, he prays – that if he works a little harder, a little longer, then he’ll be able to pay even more taxes to those that hate us. And they hate us a bunch. A HUGE bunch. As in, think of the biggest bunch of whatever in your mind, then double it. THAT much.

Fenris is to be congratulated for his work last month, a lot of time and dedication went into each and every segment. The Mayor would give Fenris a raise, but he runs the Reserve, so money means nothing to him. Hookers, on the other hand…

Lol – White american.

As if.

White Atrocity Month

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

At long last, but not long enough to stimulate more taxes, White Atrocity Month draws to a close. You can talk endlessly about white atrocity, and if you attend school, watch television, read newspapers, or just hang around with people who derive their income from taxation, that is going to be your experience. Instead, let us remember white atrocity month another way, the way the people who commit white atrocities do. Take out your pay check. Say, Lets Pretend: now, lets pretend that none of those deductions occurred and you took home the full gross amount of your pay. My friend, a tradesman, says they play this game at the lunch room. Then everyone laughs, ha ha ha. Then, after more conversation, everyone gets angry. And, inevitably, everyone, those evil white people, starting talking atrocities. So this is how we get back to white atrocity month, even when we try to get away from it. The lesson here is simple: white atrocities only have happened in the past. Nobody talks much about them happening in the future, except for the baby poop ones that aren’t really atrocities. Is not smiling at the mention of queer marriage an atrocity? How does it compare in atrocity value to, say, burning a queer alive in the village square while celebrating a carnival atmosphere? We live in a baby poop atrocity present, but nobody talks about the real atrocities to come.

Serial Killers are White People. Given this widely held belief, what is the utility in drawing the attention of the serial killers in your N-person midst? When the Looter Canadians loot, as they do on a daily basis in response to cultural, environmental, or economic crisis. You can call it a response to not getting the same pay scale as a brain surgeon when you are illiterate, or being pissed off at winter when your Baby Momma was born in a land of sunshine, or whatever excuse that works with the bleeding heart liberals, that causes lips to curl in the surly serial killers you share the public places with. Why piss off the ten thousand Eichmanns that take Toronto Transit? A cynic would say that the premise that serial killers are white people is a con job, an attempt to use guilt to screw taxpayers out of tax money. I used to believe that. Then I started to look around and realize that into the moral void left by the purge of Christianity by the left, had crept the void that is found in serial killers. I am told constantly that white folks hate X, Y, and Z; and the fact is, now they are right.

Social Programs buy votes; Pensions appease serial killers. The leftists were really clever to use social programs to create plantations staffed by loyal socialist campaign workers and Looter-Canadian voters. Worked fine for years. Canada has been stripped of nationalism, its culture is contemplated with scorn, and its institutions raped. The leftist rapists cheer, waving the bloody flag of the rapists. But it was all bought with money paid over as guilt offerings from the serial killers. But now the serial killers are losing their pensions. Without pensions (more generally, the prospect of getting a job that generates a pension; the prospect of pensions going south because of economic downturn whilst social programs are going north in spite of it) the serial killer cannot be appeased. I can see it in the faces of the people around me. Tell me it is not so. You leftists tell me white people are serial killers, and now I agree. You should be asking yourself what is the trigger that sets them off. You can always discuss it amongst yourselves on the cattle car to Dachau.

White Atrocity Month celebrates real atrocities of the past, uses the baby poop atrocities of the present to generate white guilt, and ignores the real dangers of real atrocities in the future. When those white serial killers look at their pay checks, they know that they will be subjected to white guilt regardless if they pay a third of their wages in taxes, half (like the way things appear to be going), and are asking themselves, how about none. If we had no social programs, if the oppressed were left to die like dogs in the street (heck, sell licenses and hunt them in season), then we could keep all our wages, and still have white guilt. Since white guilt is infinite and inexcusable, why pay for it? Indeed, this will be the subject of speculation in future White Atrocity Months, when white guilt will be replaced by methods. Happy White Atrocity Month Mitchieville!

White Atrocity Month

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Yet another example of white atrocity * .

Like, the hard done by N-people cannot get Social Justice, let alone adequate funding for free legal care in our racist legal system, adequate food handouts in our ‘hate the B-word family’, nor sufficient respect when assorted Pox-Canadians * suffer from cultural insensitivity when they urinate in public, rub their fece covered hands on food after not washing, or simply acting like sterotypes; now we have apes getting better electronic entertainment devices than school children. What would their baby mommas say? If they knew who their fathers were, what would father in absentia say? It chokes me up.

I am so angry as we move closer to the end of White Atrocity Month that I am hooting with anger. I am slapping the ground with disbelief. If there was vegetation handy, I would toss it. A lowly ape gets what the N-person cannot? Why are handouts not more fair? Ungahbunga.

White Atrocity Month

Monday, February 27th, 2012

What more can I say? All evil comes from whitey.

White Atrocity Month

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Telemarketing: Blame the white man.

Even worse: the evil white man uses the telephone for evil * .

Strictly against the telemarketers code of ethics, I might add. I, Fenris Badwulf, have an alibi. Muahah hah hahhah.

White Atrocity Month

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

You can tax and spend your way into pensions and benefits for socialists, but your programs cannot take the hate out of the tax payer. Just reading this I can tell someone is going to have their feelings hurt * * .

White Atrocity Month factoid: if you Google ‘Justin Trudeau douche’ what is number one?

Outcome: After decades of spending, lowered standards (for stuff like education), raised expectations (hurt feelings is a hate crime; before it used to be getting lynched), the problems are still there (sort of; with the standards/expectations skewed into the unsustainable no amount of anything can satisfy the tax spenders). What a mess.

White Atrocity Month

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Few things are more abusive than a system established to correct a social ill, that makes things worse. *

White Atrocity Month

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

You can blame the stigma of the N-word on whitey, but what about the stigma of the B-word, as in bastard? You can combine the both (as is common, and, as this article shows, accurate) to have a B-word N-word, or more commonly for noun phrases, a dirty B-word N-word. Or is it an adjective phrase? Who knows, I was educated in Ontario and our education system was dumbed down to cope with stupid N-people.

White Atrocity Month

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The hate keeps building up * . No subsidized and tax payer funded species of never and under workers is spared the stinging spew of hate.

Kinda makes me sick. I hate white people so much that I am keeping my economic activities restricted to the black market, so I do not fund the automatically racist and sexist hierarchy. Let corrupt civilization collapse.

White Atrocity Month

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

The twenty first white atrocity is always, will always, be associated with the wide screen televisions that you scum taxpayers pay for but never enjoy * .

White Atrocity Month

Monday, February 20th, 2012

If it stinks of social evil, you can blame whitey.

I am sure this will draw the stink of the feminists * . After all, dem ho’s is op’r’ss’d wict’ms o’ wh’t'y. Nobody can take responsibility without tax payers billions being spent on socialist social services sector wages for programs that either do not work, are not actually implemented, or the funds are siphoned off for other purposes.

White Atrocity Month

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

The Eighteenth Atrocity of whitey. Can you imagine a dressed up potentate, a vizer or hieropomp, wearing rather too much in the way of robes, regalia (a clashing mixture of Grandmaster Mason, Pantomime Judge, and drag queen dressed straight) thundering out the lengthy list (twenty eight, methinks) from some raised podium, standing up from the comfort of his green velvet upholstered chair, while an angry mob (their snarling teeth easy to see in the poor lighting conditions) hoots and stomps in agreement. Is this you before the Human Rights Commission? Is this you in the near future, you tax payer scum? Well, Socialist Social Justice will not be happening without the cash flow of dough to keep the angry mob of never workers in forever benefits; taxes raised over the tipping point have triggered that form of rebellion against the socialist social services sector know as (and it stinks of white atrocity like complaints about cumin cookery) The Black Market.