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Diversity in Action

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

It is not so much the facts of what actually happened, in what order, and who called the N-person an N-person first. No, in the age of the JournoLista media, it is the reaction, the predictable reaction, that counts *.

Personally, I feel sorry for the N-person, too. Those cops have ruined their careers. They are going to have a racism investigation report in their personnel file until pension. No more slack jobs, and they will always be watched. Probably end up working in the inbound call center on customer service. It would have been better for the cops to have let this innocent lamb gambol off back to the freedom of No Dad City.

Now, seriously, now that, in future, our cops will be sensible enough to let the baby lambs play in the dandelion fields of Scarborough cast your mind onto what would then actually happen. Perhaps, do you have the acquaintance of men who habitually carry a knife? You know, in the the small of the back, or just above the ankle. And do not forget that Ghetto Jesus here was raised and welfare’d in a Toronto plantation, taxpayer paid, and leftist run. He just might know how to use a knife, and have experience. I will not go into his being off his medication. Anyone who is having a bad reaction to his constipation medication, does not deserve to die. And catch the pious wail of his lack of being found with a gun. Which is a good point…

In future, large, ‘off their medication’ N-people, of the knife wielding class, shall not be detained except upon admission to the morgue, or if they wait in line to surrender at the police customer service walk in clinic. It is better if many innocent citizens die, than the civil servants who are paid to do a job, get to do their job. Imagine the slaughter! Imagine the great videos!

Michael Has Solid Proof

Friday, June 11th, 2010

These are the same folks that are allowed to vote in elections. Think about that for a second. Okay, now STOP thinking about that and go on to more productive things. Thinking about that for more than 3 seconds will put you in a chronic depression.