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The Angry Baby

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

The eternally wise linguist, what’s his name, uh, Chomsky(?), said that the media, our main stream media, is a right wing mouthpiece. Given their biased and inaccurate depiction of babies as somehow innocent and cute, which I have had so brutally crushed this weekend, I can only conclude that a vast spending initiative is called for to address the lingering legacy of colonialism in Africa, climate injustice, and the lack of a healthy vegetarian alternative in every subsidized kitchen.


Happy Birthday Paul!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Paul Mitchell turns X today, and on behalf of the entire Mitchieville community (tens and tens of thousands), I would like to wish Paul a great Birthday, and a Happy New Year.

I’ve written a little poem celebrating Paul’s life Birthday. Just give me a second to pull out my cocktail napkin. Here goes:

Happy Birthday to you,

I really dig those mud-encrusted shoes (I know they’re boots, but that doesn’t rhyme),

You always say you’re going to post nudie pics of hot women,

But you never do.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Gooble hit whores to ever step a dirty foot on our clean earth.

**Andy is also celebrating Paul’s life Birthday

**And so is Red!