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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Just when you thought there were no more kick-assers left in Sweden, along comes a young lady that proves you wrong. Thank goodness. Still hope.

You’ll come away from watching this video with the thought in your head that young people are weak and stupid. On the surface, The Mayor can’t disagree with you. However, look through that and there is hope. The hope comes because when you hear the answers these young people give, you’ll know that they have been brainwashed, and that they have never been taught anything differently. That’s where they can use some help. They CAN be redpilled, they are there for the taking.

Leftoids have had their day, but their time is up. It’s our time now. Time to grab a young person and shake them (figuratively, of course…unless you can get away with physically shaking them). They have never been told anything other than leftist garbage. That’s abuse.

Start by sharing this video with anyone under the age of 30.

And then send them to Amerika

Immigration Under Obama – Absolutely Insane

Friday, February 17th, 2017

But it’s better if everyone protests against Trump because he hurts feelings.

Dindu Nuffin’ …Any More

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Trying to rob a gun store and thinking there wouldn’t be any repercussions?

An early candidate for the 2017 Darwin Awards.

***Video has been taken down due to extreme reality. Instead of receiving one of them thar Pulitzer prizes, The Mayor has received nothing but ridicule. If he wasn’t rich and soft on the eyes, The Mayor might actually be upset.

Seeing as though the video was pulled, let The Mayor walk you through what happened:
African American (although The Mayor thinks they were black) walks in to a gun shop brandishing weapons in an apparent (not so apparent, actually) robbery. 4 seconds into video, gun shop owner picks up gun and shoots dindu dead.

Ta Da!

In The News…

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

And out of a scene from Final Destination, the lady being interviewed saved herself and her child, only to have her moomoo wrap around her neck in a bizarre toaster accident, strangling our beautiful princess to death.


The Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Down at the offices of the Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party, there was excitement and much guzzling of liquor as the results of the British election rolled in. Aside from the potential of more statist money flowing into the coffers of the party (statists are incredibly incompetent at noticing details like the fact that our organization is in a country, state, province, city, municipality, and/or continent different from them), the prospect of legitimacy for Scottish nationalism made everybody happy. Also, we just got a fat cheque, er, check, from some city in Amerikkka for street youth outreach. So, we bought whiskey and party snacks (the Mayor got new summer tires) for a whoop up.

The Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party is the brainchild of Attila, an old school Hungarian nationalist who has a veneer of Canadian sensibility. He was active in Hungarian nationalist circles here in Toronto, but their gun running and para military training activities were getting the wrong sort of attention from the authorities. Toronto refused to give them a bicycle lane close to their downtown hangout, and the post office sent them a scary letter because some postie was afraid of their vicious dogs. Attila will tell you all the details, and embellish them with hyperbole depending on how much prune brandy he has slugged back. His problem (in his eyes, not the lies told by his third wife at the divorce proceedings) was how to get on the right side of the leftist bureaucracy and open up the conveyor belt of privileges, perks, and payments that come with being on the right side of the left. Attila does not use the expression ‘being on the right side of the left’, he uses the more politically correct term ’sucking leftist cock’ in a thick Magyar accent. Sucking cock is ok nowadays. They groom kids to do it in school here in Ontario, do not you know?

Anyway, Attila had a good idea. If the anti Semites can reflag into anti Israeli apartheid, then most about anybody can just change the nuance from bad to fundable. Given the cement head intellect of the lock step leftist paper pusher (thank you employment equity!), merely cutting and pasting some soothing leftist double speak onto a grant application form pretty much guarantees a payment. They never care much about results, as you can tell by observation of the failure of literacy programs in ending illiteracy. These people think that giving needles to addicts will get them to stop. Stop laughing, says Attila, start taking their money. Good advice. Do not be a pirate, be a Jolly Roger.

We have quite a diversity of nationalist sentiments in our party. We like to drink together, smoke at the bar, shoot guns, and put names on arrest lists to settle old scores. Just add the diversity, and leave out the selfies of us firing off the Carl Gustav at raccoons down in the Don Valley, and voila, we are acceptable to the Bolsheviks who write the pay checks in Toronto City Council. Only Mayor Ford could have sniffed out the truth, but, well, he is not around much now a days. Attila has a pool going on when Mayor Tory will send us some sort of Bravo Zulu for our diversity initiatives. Learning how to assault police stations, clear rooms with grenades, and torture prisoners for intel is an important part of community activism. It is in the third world, and, provided you leave out the assaulting police stations, clearing rooms with grenades, and torturing prisoners for intel bit and emphasize community activism, it is quite fundable here in the first world. Stick a prefix in front of nationalism and it makes it better. Just look at the anti-fa fascists. They get funding. From libraries, school boards, empty churches, ghetto municipalities, and failed states.

Jock is our voice of the Highlands. He is a Scottish Highlander who claims descent from the MacDonalds of Islay. He wants the Lords of the Isles restored to their traditional land claims. He used to consider anyone not a MacDonald to be scum. That is not a very Canadian way of looking at things, now is it. Now, thanks to the Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party, Jock is receiving a lavish 145,000 US dollars a year sinecure as a disabled minority animal control officer. The bogus disability claim we cooked up spans two feuding jurisdictions (New York and New Jersey) so the wheel barrows of money will flow for some decades. Jock could even pass on his pegged to inflation cash fief to his illegitimate children. There is unity of purpose in diversity … think of a bundle of sticks tied together … and that purpose is to spend other peoples’ money.

Even the less warlike nations can find a voice in the Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party.
We took one of our Finnish members (actually, he was a stranger sitting at the bar while we were meeting in the meeting room at our hangout in Toronto, the Pleasure Center) and made him into the voice of Lithuanian Nationalism. You know, the past glories of the Polish-Lithuanian empire, er, Commonwealth . We took some pictures, put some pleasing progressive phrases on the application form, and voila, now the Finn is the face of the Lithuanian wing of the Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party. How progressive. Your average goof activist cannot count, let alone tell the difference between Finland and Lithuania.

So, come on down to one of the regular meetings of the Canadian Pan-Nationalist Party. Last night we were gloating over how the Scots are going to put the sausage to those Sassenach Limeys after that election, just like our never separating Quebecois separatists have been sodomizing the Canadian tax payers for some decades. Bend over Sassenachs, and hope the Jocks uses some of that free lube that the activists hand out to the street whores in most progressive jurisdictions. Grievance over past injuries done to long dead ancestors done by long dead others is a Canadian industry. Why complain about the Gravy Train when you can get a ticket to ride?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

Research grant, anyone?

Y’all got a cigarette?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

What she lacks in manners she makes up for in beauty.

Slip Sliding Away

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

The title of this post ended up being Slip Sliding Away, but it could have easily been called *My Dad Is An Asshole*, as you will see after viewing the first 3 minutes.

The last video The Mayor posted, he promised he would refund your time back if you were not 100% satisfied, and as it turned out Steamboat asked for a refund. However, The Mayor forgot to tell you folks that he is a liar. However, you really should know this by now as this blog is 10 years old.

Scott Sterling – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Don’t let the five minute running time fool you, this is worth every second.

If you find it is not worth every second, please contact The Mayor via email or text message, and he will be happy to return your lost time.

All Your Reporters Are Belong To Us

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

The biggest difference between our western commie press and the filthy North Korean commie press, is that our filthy commies have immaculate clothes and fantastic haircuts. Other than that, it’s quite possible that what you just watched was actually scripted and sent to our filthy commie press directly from the filthy commies of North Korea Tee Vee.

Victory Coffee

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Progressive Russians are hunting pedestrians.

Jack Hoffman with a 69 yard touchdown in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

There’s still some good left in this world.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Mitchieville is still without a database.

You can relax with this relaxing insight into your future.