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Victory Coffee

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Between the entry of Justin Trudeau into the Liberal leadership race, the fall of the demon Romney in the presidential debate, you gotta just let the love in. All will be OK.

Everything is going according to plan. Relax. Take your Lobotomyl.

Victory Coffee

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

This quaint song speaks of redistribution of income, open borders, and resolution of conflict.

The great goal of the Blue Bonnets was the ancient city of York. Its’ modern namesake, Toronto, will do in a pinch. Can ye k’en donning the blue bonnet and sacking Toronto? Aye.

Musical Interlude

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

After watching this video, the first thing you will mumble under your coffee stank breath is, “What in the holy hell did I just watch?”

Accept it, then move on.

Dancing under the Mango Tree

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Oh happy thought: Obama will be getting re-elected! My heart skips a beat! Everyone can openly agree that this is the best of all possible outcomes. Anyone who opposes Obama is a racist, after all. Let us look at the wonderful future that is marching into present reality like a pipe and drum band on an early morning.

Where to start?


Victory Coffee

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

This shocking video, one of a long, long series that hurt feelings and lead to youth crime and embassy looting, is but the tip of the iceberg. How soon before government underfunding leads to some sort of Burn a Koran Day? Ugh.

Send me your money to fund a telemarketing effort to gather funding to fund research into a sustainable lobby group that seeks government funding that alludes to this problem. Send me your money now.

Have you told someone you love them today

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

What better way to begin your day than with your beloved beside you in bed. In Canada studies show your chances of dying of exposure in winter is greatly reduced if you share your bed with someone you love. Sleeping with a large dog is not as effective (asthma is more likely); cats do not provide enough thermal energy; and the shocking unpublished statistics on same sex partnericide caused by fighting over the duvet are best left suppressed. And after you wake up, after your morning wake up chores (like putting in your teeth or strapping on your prosthetic leg) comes the most important meal of the day: breakfast. And what says I love you more than a breakfast featuring the worlds most perfect food: prunes.

Victory Coffee

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

I suspect that the right white wing down in the US of A have their own version of dead people voting.

Victory Coffee

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

What can you say about the Earl of Montrose?

Mill District, Pittsburgh, 1940

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

grofjardanhazy:  Mill District, Pittsburgh, 1940 január Fotó: Jack Delano

During WW1, federal intelligence agencies feared that German spies were operating on American soil, and quickly expanded their operations and networks. In particular, American intelligence units thought that Pittsburgh’s Mill District was the hotbed of German spy activity. It wasn’t. There were no German spies in the Mill District. However, there were lots and lots of commies. And after American intelligence agencies infiltrated the unions – the IWW (Industrial Workers’ of the World) and other radical labour groups, they found out that under every dirty, filthy rock, a commie would appear like cockroaches running from disinfectant. Or, like a Democrat runs from the word God. Truth, go watch the democrat convention for yourself. Or watch this video.

Motivation by fear

Monday, August 27th, 2012

As a manager in a caring public institution I am always looking for new ways to create formal and informal motivational strategies to stimulate staff into superior performance. You can motivate with rewards. You can motivate with reason. It is time to think outside the box and motivate with fear.

Tell them they are going to lose their job. This is always a fun thing to do. I have spent many a happy afternoon watching some wretch break down into tears and beg for his job. They make confessions. They denounce other workers. A staff member who begs to keep his job is staff member worth keeping, I say. The shards and broken pieces of the human spirit are but coke to the smelter of success. To this day I get my shoes shined by broken spirited wretches who live in fear of termination. They even supply the polish. The army has spit shine, but I, Fenris Badwulf, get my shoes tear shined. Ha ha ha.

Tell them you are going to hurt them. Threats of physical violence are undervalued by modern management theorists. They work for me. Put fear into their heart. Stare them in the eyes and adopt your ‘angry wolf’ look.

Victory Coffee

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Time to guzzle down your Victory Coffee you who are about to work to pay for those that never work. Enjoy this segment

Inside Mitchieville

Friday, August 24th, 2012

What has Fenris been up to, I am asked. What do you think? It is summer, summer in Ontario. There are day trips to be taken, and weekend stays at cottages, camps, and tourist events. All is happiness and joy: to travel, to eat, to love. Not a hint of the secret agenda of preparation for the Apocalypse to come. Not a hint. Not a drop.

Anybody can do research. Being a government is not required. Mind you, it is the cheaper sort of research that is done. All it takes is some money, like the spare change you could give to a homeless activist in need of a jolt of crack. Take your spare money and try some research. Even the library here at Mitchieville does research. We keep our findings secret. We do not want the evil banks or tobacco companies to exploit it for their evil agenda. Instead, we advance our own agenda. It is fun to fund research to advance your personal agenda. You will have interesting conversations with scientists and learn new things. Learning is good. Learning is a life long process.

You can be assured of a life of wealth and privilege in the next life, if you follow the suggestions of the adepts of Set, the Snake God. Two cows and two sheep means this person is a prosperous land owner in the next life. The red haired kid? Trouble with children in the next life. This person should immediately consult an adept of Set, the Snake God for timely advice. How about some servants to look after all those cows and sheep? Three black servants and one white one upgrades you to a plantation! Those two ducks and two pigs speak of a multi cultural plantation. You best upgrade with some overseers, inside darkies, and a decent cook.

I still find it difficult to believe the racism and hatred directed against wolves. Government funding should be directed towards re education, and a network of informants established so illegal immigrants can snitch on tax payers for profit. More rats means more votes for liberals, eh what? And then, maybe, the wolf can roam without fear. Happy Days!

The idea that there are Nazis on the Moon seems to have taken root in the collective subconscious. It is silly, of course. Like Zombies. Ask any hypnotist about the stuff that the subconscious throws out as warnings. If you can find a hypnotist, that is. Most have left the big cities and are either hiding, or digging in with some survivalist faction. Zombies have been around, as a warning from the collective subconscious, for longer than the Moon Nazi idea. Zombies are really welfare people, the never workers, the tax spenders. Nobody can control them, and they just make more of themselves in their stupid, bad smelling way. Your subconscious knows how the problem will be solved. But your mind, your conscious mind, it cannot handle the truth. As for the welfare people: they are the ones with nightmares about Moon Nazis. Go figure. Heck, sit back and watch.