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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The Mayor likes this ad because it reminds him of the time he himself was trying to get rid of about 200 cinder blocks. He himself? Sure, that sounds right.

Although the ad above may seem way over the top, buddy is correct in everything he’s saying. When The Mayor was trying to get rid of a bunch of cinder blocks – and keep in mind they were FREE – people would email him asking all sorts of stupid questions about them. Like, what is the size of a cinder block? Are all the cinder blocks the same size? What colour are they? The Mayor kids you not, those were but a few of the questions idiot people asked.

Then, when someone agreed to pick up a bunch, they just couldn’t help but talk about their boring project and what they’re going to use the cinder blocks for. As if The Mayor cared. “Wow, you’re building a small retaining wall? Would you mind telling The Mayor all about it? And make sure not to leave out even the smallest detail”.

Anyway, buddy seems to have some decent cinder blocks, you may want to consider picking some up for that project you’ll never do.